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ictenglish - Re: Nings/Wikis/Moodles/Google sites and docs

Subject: ICTs in English

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Re: Nings/Wikis/Moodles/Google sites and docs

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  • From: "Anita Yarwood" <yd AT>
  • To: ictenglish AT
  • Subject: Re: Nings/Wikis/Moodles/Google sites and docs
  • Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 14:01:33 +1300

Hi Kathryn - (Nice to hear your voice again albeit through cyberspace.)

I use a blog for that purpose. I have set one up for my year thirteen
class and then they have all set up an individual blog each to post their
writing, thoughts, ideas and discussions on classroom work. I am going to
do the same with my year nine class.

When the students have set up their blogs I add links to their blogs under
a blogroll so all students can access each other's blogs through my page.
This is great as the students like having individual owndership over their
pages - although I do put some rules in place. I have set it up so that I
am emailed everytime a students puts a new comment / post on their blog -
so I can keep track that people are doing the work. The blogs can be
password protected.
I have used wordpress as the software and this is my blog address for my
level three class this year if you want to have a look, help yourself.

I also work in the school library and we have a blog for students to post
reviews of books etc. The address is

Wordpress and Edublogs seem pretty interchangeable - but wordpress
offered more templates etc.

I have another colleague doing a similar thing except she prefers to use a
wiki - so everything is at a central location, but I prefer the blogs
because I think that means that I am the only one with editing privileges
on my page.

It is such new territory that it is great to read what everyone is doing -
and what works for people.

Anita Yarwood
Hagley Community College

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