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ictenglish - [ICTs in English] Weekly update, April 17 - 23 - Unconferencing Inquiry Findings

Subject: ICTs in English

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[ICTs in English] Weekly update, April 17 - 23 - Unconferencing Inquiry Findings

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  • From: Hamish Chalmers <hchalmers AT>
  • To: ictenglish AT
  • Subject: [ICTs in English] Weekly update, April 17 - 23 - Unconferencing Inquiry Findings
  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 15:11:15 +1200

Hi everyone,

Still on the inquiry bent, one of the things that crossed my mind in the holidays was how we could share the findings of our teaching inquiries during the year and how and why this might be effective. If we are using professional inquiries to improve learning outcomes for students and embed this in our practice, sharing these findings with others would seem important for a number of reasons.

Other than the obvious - so others can do the same where relevant - I think there are a number of additional not-so-obvious benefits. We get an opportunity to be affirmed (and subsequently enthused) for how we’re changing our practice for the better (and any expertise we’re developing in specific area) the importance and modelling of lifelong learning is made explicit and we can identify other inquiries and findings that might be similar to our own and collaborate - potentially across traditional subject boundaries. It would be fairly awesome if we were able to follow up on someone else’s sharing of their findings by organising an observation to see them and some (new) good practice in action.

The trick can sometimes come in exactly how to share these findings though. Sitting through a few hours of presentations, some of which won’t be relevant to certain people, is exactly the kind of undirected periodic detention that effective individual teacher inquiries can help to avoid. We’re going to use a mini-unconference on our normal afternoon for inquiry at Albany Senior High this term and hopefully provide relevant options for all teachers to participate in discussion and learn about other’s findings. I’ll let you know how it goes! This doesn’t utilise the collaborative power of the internet however and it would be great to hear about some ways we could share findings across schools within our subject.

In other news, I’ve been informed by a reliable source that the annual NetHui is not an event to be missed. The NetHui: Ideas for Education stream google doc is open for editing if you’d like to contribute and there’s an unconference day on the agenda too. Awesome.

Hamish Chalmers
Facilitator: ICTs in English

  • [ICTs in English] Weekly update, April 17 - 23 - Unconferencing Inquiry Findings, Hamish Chalmers, 04/23/2012

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