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ictenglish - Re: [ICTs in English] Computer games based on works of literature

Subject: ICTs in English

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Re: [ICTs in English] Computer games based on works of literature

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  • From: Karl Lee <karlleerulz AT>
  • To: ictenglish AT
  • Subject: Re: [ICTs in English] Computer games based on works of literature
  • Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 08:33:30 +1300

That Gatsby game (well I only played the first level) is incredibly easy.....but I intend to try to clock it this afternoon. 
In terms of relevance to the subject what could be an engaging activity would be to design a video game based on the novel. This would mean getting elements of setting design and character appearance right. The goal of the game could match the main character's goal/desire in their journey. Dialogue exchanges with other characters are scripted to match the dialogue of the respective characters. Items and powerups and health replenishers can all be objects that have symbolic qualities to the novel. There could be a requirement that more abstract levels are added to the game that represent the journey through the character's developing psychology over the course of the novel. (E.g, how would you represent Ralph's journey to retain his humanity as he is constantly faced with and tempted by the base, evil instincts that exist within mankind? A journey through a a series of caves perhaps, lit by glimmers of sunlight and fire, chased all the time by the shadow of a beast...that never actually appears) 
Considering that open world games are all the rage right now, students could develop a game more like this where the players have more control over the choices characters make. Quests within the game and activities the characters can do link to the kinds of choices characters encounter in the text.
It could make quite in an interesting visual presentation - a pitch concept including character and other sketches (with brief explanatory notes explaining choices behind the designs) and storyboards/screen shots of levels that show a development in thought etc. 
Or a combat game where you choose multiple characters each with their own array of special moves. (Who would you pick out of Atticus Finch, Ms Maudie, Boo Radley, Mayella Ewell or the rabid dog?) 

- 'm sure someone who actually knows something about video games could come up with a much more filled out idea than this.  But I would have liked this back at High School. 

Karl Lee 

On 27 November 2013 21:58, Malcolm Law < AT> wrote:

I stumbled across this list of Nintendo Games and thought it added something to the discussion on the place of computer games in the English classroom.  The person who compiled the list, however, had a rather wide definition of what makes a classic work of literature.  Scroll past Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan to The Great Gatsby.  There’s a link so you can play that particular game. (Tip; turn down the volume first.)  Would playing this game add to our students’ understanding of the novel, however?


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